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Health Services

About Health Services

The health services department of the North Scott Community School District strives to provide the best care possible for our students while they’re at school. Students are required by law to attend school. If your child will be absent due to illness, please notify the school office each day that your child is absent. When you are calling in an absence, it is important that you leave two symptoms.

Per board policy, students with a communicable disease will be allowed to attend school provided their presence does not create a substantial risk of illness or transmission to other students or employees. The term “communicable disease” shall mean an infectious or contagious disease spread from person to person, or animal to person, or as defined by law. If your child becomes ill at school, the person you have designated will be called.

The North Scott CSD is sensitive to the needs of students with allergies and will maintain a “peanut/tree nut conscious” policy and Safe Snack List for our schools. Elementary school nurses will monitor all birthday treats and classroom snacks before they are sent to the classroom. Homemade treats will not be distributed.

School-Based Screenings

Head Lice
Elementary students are checked for head lice on an as-needed basis only. 

An audiologist from Mississippi Bend Area 9 Educational Agency screens children each year in grades preschool through 2nd grade. New students, students considered for special education services, and students who are referred will also be screened as needed.

Student in kindergarten and 3rd grade are given a vision screening. Students in all other grades are screened when referred by a parent/guardian or teacher.