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About Us

Whether it’s preparing students for college or the workforce, North Scott High School is 100 percent focused on getting them ready for the next chapters of their lives. What will these students need to know to thrive in the future? How can the education we provide help them become capable and successful citizens? These are the types of questions we ask (and answer) every day.

NSCSD Mission

"The mission of the North Scott Community School District, a unique blend of rural and metropolitan opportunities, is to produce graduates with the capacity to be successful in a changing world, by incorporating abundant resources and offering a broad-based curriculum in a respectful, safe environment."

NSHS Vision  

Through a collaborative culture, all students will learn at high levels to be college and career ready.

NSHS Values

Certain Access:

  • We will follow MTSS process with fidelity and accountability
  • We will commit the time needed
  • to clarify what students need in order to learn
  • to gather & analyze evidence of student learning
  • to identify and use most effective teaching strategies
  • We will insure all students get the time and support needed to learn at a high level (college and career ready)

Convergent Assessment:

  • We will use and analyze common formative assessments to guide instruction
  • Ongoing reflection

Concentrated Instruction:

  • We will collaboratively identify the priority standards
  • We will collaboratively identify what emerging, developing, proficient, and exceeding looks like.

Collective Responsibility:

  • We will build interdependence, mutual accountability, and common goals.
  • We believe all students can learn at high levels and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that this occurs
  • We will take responsibility to go beyond parental, socio-economic factors.
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