North Scott School District and Y Partnership

Daycare and Before/After School Program Partnership Under Consideration

The school district is considering a partnership with the Y to provide our daycare and before/after school program. Our goals of the partnership are:

     1. Maintain our current programming

     2. Increase the educational and activity based programing 

     3. Provide more academic support

     4. Meet all licensure requirements

     5. Adequately staff all sites at all times

     6. Provide expertise in child care and family services

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Will we maintain current programming and hours of operation?

Alan Shepard (Before and After School Care)

Ed White (After School Care &Summer Programming

Days Off of School, i.e. Professional Development, some vacation days)

Virgil Grissom (2-3-4 Year Old Daycare & Before and After School Care

Open from 6 AM to 6 PM, year round)

A. Yes, we intend to maintain and possibly expand programming to other schools and locations.

Q. What will the rates be?

Y member before OR after $70.00 Non member $75.00

Y member before AND after $86.00 Non member $95.00

Kids Day out for single out of school days Y mem $34.00 non mem $40.00

Full week of full day care Y mem $148.00 non mem $158.00

Q. Is there a per day option?

A. We do not allow a per day option.  

Q. Can we sign up week by week or do we need to commit for the “summer” or for the “school year?”

A. In general you sign up for a school year, however we know that things change so if you need to withdraw from the program we just ask for a 2 week notice.

Q. Can we sign up for just morning care or just after school care or is it a package deal for wrap around care?

A. Parents may sign up for before, after or both.  Prices vary according to what is registered for prices are listed above.  

Q. Will we still bus kids from other schools to the school that provides daycare?

Yes, we intend to keep transportation as is.

Q. Will the providers be employees of the Y or of the School District?

A. They will be employees of the Y.

Q. Will there still be summer programming?

A. Yes. We will still have summer programming at Grissom and at Ed White.  There is a possibility that we would try to keep all school age kids at Ed White for programming and field trip purposes.

Q. Will this lead to a pool for the district?

A. We are continuing our conversations with the Y but the day care partnership is truly a separate plan from a center or a pool.

Q. Will this impact the local day care centers?

A. We are unable to predict what might happen.  At this time, our centers are essentially full and we feel as if there are plenty of kids who need day care and wrap around care.

Q. Will a center for children who are six weeks and older open up?

A. That has not been part of our conversation at this time.

Q. Virgil Grissom currently offers 2-3 year old preschool, separate from daycare.  Will the Y continue to allow children to come for just the preschool portion of the day?

A. The room that we will be using is only licensed for 20 students we would anticipate 8 - 3 year olds and 12-  4 year olds we would not accept 2 year olds

Q. What will be the fee for attending four half days (after 4 year old preschool) and a full day on Mondays?

A. The fee for child care is $150.00 per week if you are a Y member and $160.00 per week if you are not.  We do not accept part time children in YMCA child care programs so those families wishing to use the Y program for “wrap” to the preschool would be charged the full weekly rate.  The children can attend as early as 6:00 am and as late as 6:00 pm daily and then would simply be dismissed for preschool during preschool hours.  Preschool hours are still free.

Q. Do we have to have a Y membership to participate?

A. No, that’s not necessary but the membership does result in a reduced rate for daycare.

Q. Is this partnership a definite decision?

A. No, a recommendation will be made to the school board in April 2017.

Q. Will students still bring their lunch on days when there is no school?  Will (free) milk still be provided?

A. We are not 100% certain of how lunch will work on non-school days.

Q. Are parents allowed to take a week of vacation without being charged for daycare?

A. The YMCA allows for 2 weeks of vacation annually - you simply let us know in advance and then you are not billed for those weeks.

Q. Will the summer daycare still provide field trips and activities?

A. We are still working on the final framework for summer but yes field trips and activities will be included

Q. Will 2-3 year old children have the opportunity to go on field trips?

A. We will not accept 2 year old children - but they will be some opportunities for the 3 and 4 year olds to go on select field trips that pertain to the unit of study.  For example a pumpkin patch in October.  

Q. Because we are going from a “drop in” based program to a “pay rates whether you are there or not” arrangement, is there a compromise that can be reached?

A. In order to provide quality care and hire experienced trained staff it is the YMCA policy that we do not allow part day or drop in care.  This allows us to have the funds to pay staff and not have to send staff home suddenly when we do not have enough children for the day. If we take part time students we would need to adjust numbers of staff needed based upon the number of children attending in order to be fiscally responsible.   This could mean that staff would not work every day depending upon our needs.  We strongly believe that continuity of staff increases and helps us maintain quality programing and therefore we hire staff that can anticipate regular work hours every day. This allows us to attract and keep quality staff.

Q. What is the enrollment fee?  Is it an annual fee or paid twice per year?

A. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee annually for child care that is usually paid in August.  For school age children there is an enrollment fee in August for the school year and then a separate fee for enrolling in summer care.

Q. Are you going to survey parents to gather further information?

A. At this time, no.  We have met with all employees and have three meetings scheduled at all three sites in order to meet with families and gather data.

Q. Right now, teachers communicate with daycare and oftentimes share information about a child’s school day.  Will that communication continue since the “Y” is not “North Scott?”

A. We are always open to communication and are delighted to help pass along notes from the school to the families.  Students will have a “mailbox” that we will ask parents to check daily.

Q. How do I sign up for summer 2017 care for my child?

A. You can continue to sign up through North Scott Child Care by calling Theresa Tobin-Seghers at

563-285-9710 or you can e-mail her at

Q. How do I sign up for fall 2017 care for my child?

A. You can continue to sign up through North Scott Child Care by calling Theresa Tobin-Seghers at

563-285-9710 or you can e-mail her at

If we do establish a partnership with the “Y” those names will be carried over to Scott County Y.

Q. Can a child from any school attend the daycare programs?

A. Yes, all families are welcome, regardless of attendance center.  There is some transportation available between schools during the school year.  

Q. Is there a childcare discount for families with multiple children enrolled?

A. There currently is a discount for second and subsequent children but we will be phasing that out in the fall of 2017 so that will not be available.  

Who should I contact with further questions?

Supt. Joe Stutting; 563-285-9081;

Sherri Marceau; 563-285-3114;

Deb Gustafson, Scott County Family Y; 563-323-5725;