Superintendent Communication

Superintendent Communication

March 23, 2016

In my role as the Superintendent of the North Scott Community School District, I have many different responsibilities. I am involved in everything from overseeing building projects to instruction in the classrooms. I enjoy working with all of our staff, students, and public. One aspect of my position is to be the face of the North Scott school district. I take this role very seriously; I believe it is important for everyone to know who I am and what is happening in the district.


Internally, I believe it is important for me to be seen in all of our buildings. My goal is to be in each building every week. While I am in the buildings, I stop by classrooms and meet with staff and engage with students. Additionally, I attend many different school events as this is a great opportunity to show support for our students and is also a great opportunity to meet many parents and community members.


Externally, I do several things to promote the school district. On a regular basis, I write informational articles for the North Scott Press, focusing each article on topics I think the community needs to know about regarding the district. I believe it is important for me to work with the media to keep our public informed on school issues. With that in mind, I never turn down a request to be interviewed from the media. I use Twitter almost daily to share updates on what is happening across the  district. Community members can find my post @StuttingJoe.


I enjoy being out in the community attending functions such as fundraisers, festivals, government meetings, etc.  These are excellent opportunities for people to see me and ask questions about the school district.  I have had the chance to speak to different community organizations since my arrival here almost two years ago. I am always open to attending an organization/group meeting to discuss North Scott, therefore, if anyone would like me to attend one of their meetings, please feel free to contact my office. There are so many wonderful things happening in the North Scott school district and my goal is to continue making sure everyone knows this through on-going communication and dialog.

I feel very lucky to be part of such a great school district and the supportive community that surrounds it!

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