Strategic Plan in Action

District focused on improvement

November 22, 2016

In my last article, I laid out the Strategic Plan and vision our district has for achieving by the year 2020. In this article, I am going to cover the work we will be doing to make our vision a reality. We need a clear focus on the right work that needs to be done in order to accomplish our vision. We have five strategic directions that drive our work in the district and each strategic direction has a number of learning and implementation initiatives.


Our first strategic direction is increasing our operational efficiencies and practices. During this school year we will be studying a high school kitchen design, an electronic purchase order system, a district-wide purchase solution, the option for bringing your own device at our junior high and high school, and remodeling projects around the district. We will be implementing a new website, propane buses, an electronic time card system, and a district-wide recycling program. All of these initiatives will potentially help our district run more efficiently.


Improving our curriculum and instruction while expanding our opportunities for students is the second strategic direction. Our learning initiatives are world language instruction, Next Generation Science Standards, and building instructional coaches. We will be implementing Next Generation Science Standards, best practices in math instruction, coaching teachers at all levels, and the continuation of curriculum writing. A majority of this work is being done during our full day in-services.


Improving our system of oversight and development is the third strategic direction. The learning work will consist of developing a three-year facility and maintenance plan and an evaluation process for the school board. Our implementation work will be in leadership development, board development, and the Strategic Plan. Our Board of Education is focused on this work.


The fourth strategic direction is increasing our “knowledge of learning” through communication and partnerships between students/families/communities/educators. We will be working on developing a plan to increase our communication and involvement with parents and the communities. We are implementing the use of Canvas at the junior high and high school, Powerschool at all levels, and the district website. We are also working with our parents and community to support our anti-bullying program, Olweus. Increasing our partnership with parents and the communities is a key to our success.


Our last strategic direction is increasing individual student achievement through continuous improvement including digital learning. Our learning work consists of coaching our teachers, expanding one-on-one at the upper elementary, learning about the new state assessment system, and ensuring summer school meets the Early Literacy Law. We are currently working on teacher leadership, student intervention systems, and state testing for lower elementary. All of the work we do is about improving student learning at all levels.

As you can see, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Improvement in education takes time. We need to stay focused and on track. Great things are happening at North Scott!

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