School Safety

March 5, 2018

School Safety is an Everyday Priority for North Scott


School safety is on everyone’s mind as a result of the most recent attack in Florida. At North Scott, we focus on school safety throughout the school year with a School Safety committee which meets regularly to discuss district and building safety. During the past few years, we have implemented a number of changes to improve our safety in all of the buildings.

The most important thing we do at North Scott is to provide a caring environment. We believe the number one deterrent to school violence is having an environment where children and adults feel cared for and safe. We want every student to feel as though they have at least one adult who cares about them. Our school board tracks this data for every school building by surveying our students.

Staff and student awareness is another key to avoiding a crisis situation. We educate everyone in our buildings to report anything out of the ordinary. This allows us to identify potential issues before they happen. I would encourage all community members to do the same. If you see something on social media or in the community that feels wrong, please report it right away. We will follow up to ensure our students and staff are safe. We all have a part in keeping our schools and communities safe. Another course of action we have taken is to provide training to our students and staff on how to react to the crisis. We routinely run drills to help students and staff understand how to react in different situations. This training will help in the event of a real crisis. Additionally, multiple staff members receive additional trainings and attend safety conferences to keep up-to-date on safety practices in schools.

About two years ago, we had Homeland Security conduct a safety audit of all our buildings.  The audit produced a report that we use to improve our school safety. We have implemented a number of their recommendations. For instance, we have a background check system in every building for all visitors. Once the school day has begun, all doors are locked in all buildings so we have a system to buzz-in visitors at all sites. Recently, we added numbers on both the inside and outside to every door for easier identification. Our camera system has been updated and we will be adding cameras at all of our elementary buildings.

All of these efforts are to keep our children and staff safe in a caring, supportive educational environment.

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