North Scott Community Schools Sets Vision for Future

Strategic Plan

September 30, 2016

North Scott Community School District Sets Vision for Future


During the 2015-16 school year, the North Scott Community School District staff, administration, and school board worked on a new strategic plan process. The school district teamed up with TeamWorks International to develop a plan for success. The Strategic Plan is being implemented this school year. The plan includes a road map, mission delivery point, theory of action, vision card, three-year operation plan, environmental scan, and three-year board agenda. This article is focused on the first three sections of the Strategic Plan.


The road map page includes our motto, core values, Vision 2020, and strategic directions. All of these combined create our vision for the district.


Motto:     Growing Greatness Together through Hometown Values and a World of Opportunities

Core Values:     Loyalty: Pride and dedication to our schools
                           and communities
                           Integrity: Doing the right thing
                           Citizenship: Serving others
                           Respectful: Treating others with kindness
                           and dignity
                           Commitment: Excellence in everything we do


Vision 2020:    By 2020 we commit to create
                         A district of choice in which to learn, work, and live
                         Students who are career and college ready with
                         broad skills
                         Passion for lifelong learning and continuous
                         Beneficial and collaborative partnerships with
                         strong resources


Strategic Directions: Increasing operational efficiency
                                     and practices
                                    Improving curriculum and expansion of
                                    Improving system oversight and development
                                    Increasing “Knowledge of Learning” through
                                    communication and partnership between
                                    Increasing individual student achievement
                                    through continuous
                                    improvement including digital learning


If the district is accomplishing our vision, then our mission delivery points will be met.


Students:    Our students say they are engaged in their learning.
                     Their learning is real and relevant.
                     They feel safe, valued, respected and a sense
                      of belonging.


Families:    Our families feel they are engaged in their
                    child's learning.
                    They know their role, expectations, and can
                     navigate the school district and our processes.
                    Families feel connected to the school district.
                    They are confident their child is safe, cared for,
                     and supported academically, socially, and emotionally.


Staff:           Our staff are engaged and enjoy their work.
                     Their learning is real and relevant.
                     They feel safe, valued, respected and a sense
                     of belonging.


When everyone in our district has these experiences, we will accomplish great things.


In order to meet our road map and mission delivery points, we must have an action plan. This is where our theory of action comes in.


If We…

Believe all students can be career and college ready
Exhibit forward thinking and innovative behaviors that
promote success in an ever-changing world                                              
Invest time, efforts, and resources from all district areas to
support high levelsof student achievement                                                                  
Provide consistent, high quality curriculum and program delivery district-wide    
Ensure instructional time is maximized and used efficiently              
Create a safe, welcoming and engaging environment                       
Develop and sustain focused, professional collaboration for all staff              
Support the social, emotional, and academic/professional growth for all             
Build relationships and trust with students, families, and community          
Provide effective and timely communication


THEN. . .

Our Vision will be realized:

A District of Choice in which to Learn, Work, and Live

Students who are Career and College Ready with Broad Skills

Passion for Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement

Beneficial and Collaborative Partnerships with Strong Resources

The North Scott School District is committed to providing the best education for our students. We believe in providing an environment that staff want to work and grow in. We want to partner with both our parents and communities to meet all of the goals set forth in the Strategic Plan.

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