North Scott community reacts to expensive high school renovations

North Scott community reacts to expensive high school renovations

April 21, 2015

North Scott School District officials are still working to find out why they didn't know about the $700 thousand renovations they'll have to make to get the high school up to code.

During a school board meeting last week, district officials learned that in addition to their 4.2 million dollar expansion project, that has been going on all year at the high school, they will have to add two firewalls and a new sprinkler system to the building to get it up to future fire codes.

“The big debate is how did we not see a $630,000-plus increase to our expenses,” said Joe Stutting, North Scott School District Superintendent. “When you’re in a building that’s been around for a long time and has had additions, bringing it up to code costs a lot of money. Money that we don’t really put into education, we put into safety, which is great, but it isn’t like we’re adding classroom space and programs for kids.”

People in town are wondering how district officials didn't see this coming.

"Anyone who's been around the construction knows there's always going to be some extra costs that come up," said Sherry Ball, a North Scott resident. "But for this amount of work to have to be done and that amount of money, yes, they should have had some idea of what they're getting into."

"They should have known at least what the requirements were for the fire code and should have included that in the price originally," said Rachel Davis, who lives in Eldridge.

"Somebody should have done there homework a little better," said Amanda Beuthien, who owns County Creations Floral in Eldridge.

Stutting said he is working with the project architect and construction company to find out how much of the new renovations will still be covered under their current project contract and how much they will have to dip into a sales tax bond earmarked for other district projects.

Source: WQAD Channel 8

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