New Facility and Community Support

New Facility and Community Support

April 13, 2016

Over the past few years, the North Scott Community School District has had a number of major improvement projects. We have seen additions and remodels to the high school, junior high, Ed White, Alan Shepard, and John Glenn elementaries, while other buildings have also had improvement and maintenance projects. We have remodeled restrooms, replaced doors and flooring, and the list goes on and on. This summer will bring on more improvement projects to the school district to include the remodeling of the junior high library, renovating bathrooms in several of the elementaries, and building a new fitness center located at the high school.  Each of these projects will help to improve our educational environment.

Questions are always generated by the public whenever the school district projects are done. One of the first questions asked is why doesn’t the school district put that money into educational programming, such as smaller class sizes or more class offerings? The answer is that money we use for projects, repair, and remodeling can only be used for those purposes. We are not allowed to transfer money from building funds to educational funds.

Secondly, the public questions why the district needs booster clubs and fundraising groups to raise money to enhance a project such as the fitness center? The district has a long list of needs for building projects, remodels, and repairs which are projected over the next several years and prioritized since there are more projects than money. The fitness center is a needed projected for our education and extracurricular programs and student safety. This facility plan provides for a very good fitness center which the district budget allows along with many other projects in the district. Like anything you do, you can always add and enhance a project and this is where our boosters come in. They can see how a project such as the fitness center can go from being a very good facility to one of the best in the Quad Cities with their help.

The third question the public asks is will these projects raise their taxes? The answer to that is no, the projects we are doing this summer are included in our current budget and funding. The Board of Education and district staff work very hard to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money by providing students with what they need while staying within the district’s budget and affordability.

The North Scott Community School District is very fortunate to be supported by the community. Booster clubs, PTA’s, PTO’s, and other fundraising groups have allowed us to do more for our students. We know that with the combination of the school district and private support, our impact on students is the greatest. Thank you to everyone who supports the students, staff and facilities within the North Scott school district!

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