Behind the Scenes at North Scott

Behind the Scenes at North Scott

January 13, 2016

When people talk about what is happening in the North Scott School District, most people think about the things they can see. Everyone knows about our student activities such as athletic events, concerts, and parent-teacher conferences. People see our buses on the road everyday and our parking lots full. There are many things happening at North Scott that are not in the public eye, but are valuable and necessary to the success of our school district.


As the superintendent of schools, I get the privilege of knowing what is happening behind the scenes. We would not be a successful school district without all of our departments working hard to accomplish their tasks. The Maintenance Department does not get the credit they deserve because not only do they keep our buildings looking nice, but they also maintain all of them. Whether it is working on a boiler, leaky roof, or broken fixture, they do what it takes to make sure we have what we need to operate our buildings. The Transportation Department keeps over 30 buses on the road and overseeing the plan for all routes and trips. They get our students safely to and from school and extracurricular events everyday. The grounds crew are not just cutting grass and moving snow. They are installing signs, creating extra parking, and improving our grounds including our athletic fields and playgrounds. The crew is constantly looking for ways to improve our school district property.The Technology Department, made up of four people, is in charge of keeping the district network up and running while maintaining over 2000 technology devices and equipment in the district.  The Central Office staff makes sure everyone in the district has what they need. They ensure our all staff are paid and teachers have the resources needed to educate our students.Our ability to do business everyday depends on each of these departments.

The North Scott School District is a great school district because of the people who work here. We are all focused on what is best for our students. Thank you to everyone, who works behind the scenes.

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