Auditorium Remodel Completed

Thank you North Scott Community

September 20, 2018

I would like to thank the community for supporting the North Scott Community School District. We would not be able to improve our excellent educational facilities if it were not for your support. The auditorium remodel is our most recent project to be completed and we are very proud of the enhancements it will continue to bring to our educational environment.

The auditorium remodel is a project that will impact every family in the school district. We hold concerts from kindergarten through 12th grade in our auditorium. We know this facility will see more of our students, families, and community members than any other facility. We look forward to everyone seeing the improvements in the auditorium.

The first thing people will see when they come to the auditorium is the new lobby. The lobby has been designed to show off student artwork, provide a multi-functional space, and offer ample room for our guests to enjoy before the performances and during intermission. We also added larger restrooms for our guests, the long lines of the past will be gone.

One of the major changes for the auditorium is the improved handicap accessibility. Not only is the entrance closer to the handicap parking, but the ramp leading into the auditorium has been modified for accessibility. We have added handicap seating on two levels. These changes will greatly improve accessibility for our community.

When guests come into the new auditorium they not only see the difference, but they’ll feel the difference. Our old study hall pods have been remodeled to be a true upper level. The folding doors are gone and the upper seats now match the seats of the lower level. Speakers have also been added to the upper level improving the audience experience. We have added a sound booth in the center of the auditorium and upgraded the entire system to better control the sound. Our lighting and rigging systems have all been updated. The catwalk system has been upgraded to ensure the safety of our staff and students. The fact is, with the exception of the walls, most of our auditorium is new and even the walls have new paint. Our auditorium is set to serve our community for another 30 plus years.

North Scott is truly a special place because of the tremendous support of the community and the people that work here. I am proud to be the Superintendent of the North Scott Community School District!

Joe Stutting, Superintendent

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