Allergy Aware Letter

North Scott Schools Are Allergy Aware

September 26, 2017

Dear Parents:

As a reminder, the North Scott Community School District maintains a “Peanut /Tree Nut Conscious” policy at
each of the elementary schools. This is an important precaution as exposure to even the smallest amounts of
peanut/tree nuts can cause anaphylactic shock in some students with these allergies.

Our educational and food service employees follow procedures to afford protection to children with these
allergies. North Scott food service employees are trained on safe food handling practices to avoid cross
contamination with potential food allergens. Food service employees wear gloves that are changed often and
wash hands frequently to avoid cross contamination with potential food allergens. Employees are to respond
appropriately to all complaints or concerns from any student with a life-threatening allergy and allow any
student to see the school nurse if they complain of any potential symptoms.

All nutritional and allergen information for the breakfast and lunch menus can be found at http://northscott. .

If your child has an allergy, we ask that you contact the building principal so they can arrange a time to meet
with you, the school nurse, and teacher, to devise a consistent plan of action for the classroom and lunchroom.
If you decide to send snacks for your child’s birthday or other special days, you must choose an item from the
approved Safe Snack List. Items brought in that are not on the list, will not be allowed in the classroom and
will be sent home. The Safe Snack List can be found on the district website. If you have any questions or
concerns, please contact the school nurse at your child’s building.

If your child is in a classroom with a classmate who has a severe allergy and a medical plan in place, you will
receive specific information from the school nurse. In those situations, the classroom is identified as Peanut
Free. If you send a daily individual snack as part of the classroom routine, and your child is in a Peanut Free
Classroom, then students may not bring in items containing peanuts to avoid cross contamination, i.e. pencil
sharpener, door handle, etc.

Thank you to all parents and students for your cooperation and attention to these important matters.


Joe Stutting, Superintendent of Schools

Amy Guerrero, Director of Food Service

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