2017 Year of the Lancer

2017 Year of the Lancer

February 13, 2017

I am very optimistic about what is in store for us at the North Scott Community School District in the upcoming year. There is a high level of positive momentum throughout the North Scott district and its communities making it a great time to be a Lancer.


The district is heading in the right direction as a result of this momentum. Our Strategic Plan is keeping us focused on moving the district forward as staff continue to work very hard on improving our curriculum and teaching. We are engaging students in their learning while providing opportunities and support for students today more than ever before. Our teachers are collaborating with coaches, as well as with each other, to improve their teaching strategies. We continue to also improve our facilities throughout the district. It is exciting to see such a strong focus throughout the district on being the very best.


I am also excited by how our North Scott communities have positioned themselves to grow. Not only do we have new homes going up throughout the district, but we are also seeing business growth. The North Scott communities have much to offer to families.  We not only have job growth, but we also have great communities to live in. What other school district can offer urban, rural, small town, and river town living?  The location of the North Scott school district also offers easy access to everything that the Quad Cities and Eastern Iowa have to offer.

The future of the North Scott Community School District is very bright. I not only feel lucky to be part of the district and community, but I consider it a privilege to serve as the Superintendent of Schools. This is definitely a great time to be a Lancer!

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